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Take a good look inside ...Welcome to The Paraquat Information Center. If you have not visited the website before, or if a reminder of where to find the facts about paraquat and other agronomic information would be useful, here is a brief guide.


Paraquat is perhaps the most versatile herbicide ever invented, with uses in more than 100 crops including all major field crops such as maize, wheat, rice and soybeans; orchards growing top fruit and nuts; topical plantations of sugarcane, oil palm and rubber; and horticultural crops including vegetables and soft fruit. Paraquat is also used to renovate pastures and to maintain the quality of the grass; and on fallow fields to prevent weeds from robbing vital reserves of water for the next crop. You can read about the value of using paraquat to farmers, the environment and rural communities in the Benefits section of the site.

Latest news

News stories from around the world covering where, why and how paraquat is being used to help farmers meet the mounting challenges of global food security are regularly posted on the home page and in New and Features. There is an extensive archive of articles. Just like the whole website, these can be comprehensively searched using the Search function located in the top right-hand corner of the home page.

Quick facts

If you want a quick grasp of the facts about paraquat you will find the Paraquat Fact Sheet useful. This covers what paraquat is; why farmers large and small around the world rely on it; summaries of its environmental and safety profiles; and some key technical data. Answers to the most frequently asked questions about paraquat are on the FAQ pages.

In-depth information

To learn more about the cropping situations where paraquat is used there are two options. Brief summaries of uses in important crops and some case studies are presented in Use. For in-depth information, go the Knowledge Bank. Here, wide-ranging topics are covered in detail, all supported by references for further research, including Crop production and protection. Find out about specific crops and other subjects such as no-till farming, weed resistance and herbicide modes of action. The Knowledge Bank also includes detailed information about the safety aspects of paraquat and its environmental impact. Like information on use, these are summarised in a separate section, Safety. The Knowledge Bank includes comprehensive information on Human safety and Safety to the environment.

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